Thank You to 3 Great Teachers

The Bales Family hopped on ‘the bandwagon’ and through donations to The Reading Seed wanted to show three great teachers just how appreciated they are…

Meet Niki Farrow, Charley Bales’ prep teacher for 2015. A great teacher who has been talked about every evening, idolised and ‘Miss Farrow’ is constantly used by mistake instead of ‘mum’ or ‘dad’. Niki is a young, vibrant teacher who has made a HUGE impact on a little boy and will not be easily forgotten. She will have such a great influence on so many children and we really thank you so very much for all the effort you have put into our Charley this year. You will certainly be missed!

Another great teacher, Jacqui who is a kindergarten teacher for Spencer Bales for 2015. From the first time Spencer met Jacqui, it was quite evident she knew just how to talk to children and made our little Spence WANT to attend school. She is creative and inspiring – attributes of a great teacher.

Lastly, this is Aleisha Fenech. She is a family daycare educator and has looked after Louis Bales this year and he absolutely adores her. She has built up such a strong repoire with our little guy and she has been such a positive influence in his life. Aleisha readily communicates with parents, and always goes out of her way to make the kids in her care feel special and even baked Louis a cake for his first birthday (better than I could) and had a little birthday party for him.

All three of these lovely teachers have gone above their job requirements to bring out the best in 3 different children. In following on from Bobbi Coldicott’s idea, The Bales Family donated to The Reading Seed in honour of these three greats. We hope that they all  see the impact they have made on our children and what their donation will do for many other children.

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