Azahar has the opportunity to go to school through TRS’s School Support Project

Pictured with Azri are his 5 year old brother Aziz, 8 year old brother Azrizal and 12 year old sister Azlinda.

Janis and Tony Hughes, strong supporters of TRS recently visited Langkawi, Malaysia and met some of the children involved in the School Support Project.  

All dressed and ready for school!
Here is the first instalment about Azri, one of the students supported in this project.
Last Friday, we visited Azahar b Abu Bakar, (Azri as he is affectionately called by his friends). He is one of a group of students sponsored in Langkawi by The Reading Seed.

Through the tireless work of the Charity Club, Langkawi, many children are identified who would miss out on an education without external support. The Reading Seed are generously sponsoring school support for 6 children including Azri.

In this particular sponsorship, funding provides the purchase of Azri’s Secondary School Uniform and also pays for his school lunches each day. Without this support, Azri’s mother would have struggled to continue with his secondary education and his potential would not have been realised.

Azri and his little brother
Azri has 4 brothers and 2 sisters and lives with a single mother who struggles to support all the family. The eldest boy also contributes to the family income, but this does not leave money left to support his education. With The Reading Seed sponsorship, he can now look forward to completing his high school education.
Azri told us that his favourite subject at school is Science. He was also very proud of all his football trophies that he won in primary school and dreams that one day that he will be a footballer. Unfortunately,  he cannot be part of a team at the moment as the family cannot afford transport to get him to training. 
Janis and Tony Hughes on behalf of the Reading Seed and The Charity Club
Azri with one of his football trophies
The family’s home


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