The Reading Seed is currently supporting three charities in three different countries: Changing Lives Ministries (CLM) – Village of Joy located just outside Johannesburg, South Africa, Asociacion La Buena Esperanza in Lima Peru and The Charity Club Langkawi (CCL) located in Langkawi, Malaysia.


We are currently supporting two projects within the charity Changing Lives Ministries (CLM) – Village of Joy.

CLM cares for and uplifts children who have been abandoned, abused, neglected and orphaned. CLM runs the Village of Joy children’s home near Johannesburg, South Africa, caring for around 21 children aged between 2 to 23 years with a focus on providing children with:

  • A good education, securing their chances of a better and more successful future
  • A healthy and happy childhood

CLM was registered in 2003 as Non-Profit Organization (028-247-NPO) and 2008 as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). The Village is run by Ms Milly Jarvis, who is the founder and a full time volunteer.

The projects selected by The Reading Seed to support are:

Remedial Teaching Project

At present we are supporting a tutoring program in this project. Different programs are undertaken in this project as to what the need of the children is, this could include tutoring, hiring a remedial teacher or learning difficulty programs.

The children at the Village of Joy come from a background of abuse and neglect and as a result many have suffered in their schooling. The South African education system does not provide additional support for children left behind or with learning difficulties and as a result these children fall further behind – and without a decent education they will suffer in a South Africa with high unemployment and an abundance of low skilled workers.

Remedial teaching is required to provide dedicated assistance to help bring these children back up to the required level to advance their education effectively.

Further Studies Scholarship Project

CLM has worked hard to raise sponsorship to ensure all children of the Village of Joy receive a quality primary and secondary school education, however the high cost of further studies (University or College) means there is a risk that some children may not be able to go on to much needed higher education to help secure a sustainable future after the village.

The children growing up in these situations have been encouraged to go to school and do well but when they finish, they may ask ‘what was all that for?’

This project will assist in ensuring the children of the Village of Joy can attend further studies by providing an annual ‘scholarship’ fund to CLM for use towards further education of children of the Village of Joy who have completed their secondary schooling (matric).

Read about Siphokazi’s story of success here to see how this project is making a difference. You can also see her talking about her experience with the The Reading Seed in the video below.


Asociacion La Buena Esperanza is registered non-profit association that believes education is a foremost factor in the battle against poverty. 13 years ago, this association opened a small school La Buena Esperanza, to give children from very poor families a chance to have a better education with a holistic approach. The schools aims to give its students a solid personal, social and academic grounding using different techniques with questioning, reflecting and action as central themes. The school is located in the poor shanty town, Villa El Salvador, Lima Peru and is at threat of closing due to loss of funding. The school does not receive any funding from the Peruvian government and so relies on sponsors and donors to help keep it going. La Buena Esperanza aligns with The Reading Seed’s objectives and we would like to help them where help is needed.

The projects we have chosen to support include:

The English Book Project

Within this project The Reading Seed donate English children’s books to support the English program at the school.

The Sponsor a Teacher Project

This project sees The Reading Seed support one of the six teachers at the school by sponsoring their salary for the year.


The Reading Seed is now proudly supporting The Charity Club based on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia. The Charity Club is a non-profit organisation who support and work with poor families in many different ways to work towards sustainability. The Charity Club Langkawi is aligned with our ethos that education creates opportunities, a better future and a way out of the poverty trap.

They are a registered charity in Malaysia and have met all necessary guidelines to be in partnership with The Reading Seed.

The project The Reading Seed has selected to support is:

School Support Project

Within this project we support the educational costs associated to simply attend school. The sponsored children may grow up in a tiny shack, with no electricity or windows, surrounded by jungle and be denied the right to attend school simply because their single mother or extended family they are forced to live with after they have been orphaned, cannot afford the school fees or a school uniform. This project will encourage hope and opportunity through a lucky few.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela –