Why We Began

Growing up in an orphanage or a children’s home in a disadvantaged country can mean you are one of the lucky ones – you get taken off the streets, usually out of a tin shack and don’t have to fend for yourself anymore but the question is will these children be better off after coming out of these living arrangements? Or will they go back to living the way they did before they were brought into the orphanage. Education is the key to sustainable change for these children. By providing them with the confidence and the skills to look after themselves and their families we can help lift them out of their known worlds – to change their lives forever. It is for this reason there is a need to put emphasis on education in these living conditions and The Reading Seed was established in order to do just this. In many countries welfare is non-existent or insufficient to cover basic schooling for children in impoverished families (particularly single mothers) and orphanages are not available for orphaned, neglected and abandoned children. We want to reach out to the disadvantaged children in these situations also.

What We Do

We connect donors and sponsors to under-privileged children living in orphanages or children’s homes in disadvantaged countries. The Reading Seed was founded with two basic and clear objectives that spell out why we are here:

  1. To promote a sustainable future amongst children that have not had the same opportunities or basic rights as us or our children.
  2. To provide a connection between Australians and those in need1 and promote a culture of philanthropy.

The Reading Seed provides educational advancement for under privileged children living in developing countries abroad.

What Makes Us Different

We are a charity offering sponsors and donors the chance to choose where your money goes. You select a project to support and your money will go DIRECTLY to that project. You will receive regular updates about how the money is being used and the progress of the children. The Reading Seed strives to ensure every dollar donated is a dollar delivered to our beneficiaries.

We also allow sponsors and donors to come forward with projects of your own so we can help raise funds for these. As long as a project is educational and will advance sustainable learning we are happy to consider it.


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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela –