Recently this little cutie, Harriet, celebrated her 1st birthday… It was a beautiful garden party and enjoyed by family and friends in beautiful Sydney Australia. There was lots of food, champagne (for the grown ups), her mum made a beautiful cake and the place was decorated with flowers and photos of Harriet’s first year. The only things missing were gifts!
In lieu of gifts her mum and dad had all their guests make a donation to The Reading Seed!


What a wonderful way for her parents Amy and Josh to instil a sense of giving and philanthropy in Harriet and Hugo (her brother) from an early age.
The money raised from Harriet will go towards our Sponsor a Teacher project in Peru, which will help pay for great teachers to educate children living in the poor area of Villa El Salvador.

From the photos the party looks like it was a lot of fun and from everyone at The Reading Seed HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRIET!





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