Honouring Ray Greenhill



It is with our deep sympathy and support that we honour a lady that has had an impact on many people’s lives and has now left a legacy that will help many others in their future.

Ray Greenhill, unfortunately passed away in June. In a truly devastating time, her family wanted to honour her in a beautiful way and leave something more for her to be remembered by.

When Laura, her daughter, first contacted me at The Reading Seed about setting up a donation scheme in honour of her mum I was deeply moved at her gesture. Instead of friends and family showing their condolences by buying flowers, Laura and her brother Brynn, knew their mum would like to support a charity.

Laura and Brynn have chosen the Sponsor a Teacher project to honour their mum and this really will see a huge impact on many peoples’ lives. This project pays for a teacher at the school, La Buena Esperanza, to educate children living in the poverty stricken community of Villa El Salvador in Lima, Peru. The impact these donations will have on this project will be enormous and will create a ripple effect for future generations to come.

Again we are deeply touched by the generous gesture to choose The Reading Seed to donate to and we will do our utmost to make sure this is honoured.

Ray, may you rest easy knowing that you are still making a difference.


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