Siphokazi shares her progress with us…

“The Reading Seed has given me the feet to stand on, now all I need is to run once I’m done.”

Earlier this month, the team at The Reading Seed caught up  with Siphokazi Mzilikazi to discuss how she is currently feeling continuing with her second year of training in her studies.

Siphokazi is very positive about what she has achieved so far and her confidence has truly blossomed. Before Siphokazi was offered the opportunity to be apart of the The Further Studies Scholarship project she lacked a lot of confidence and had no real direction of where she wanted her life to go. We feel so amazed to see the difference in her attitude now and her outlook on the world. She is understanding more what her education means to her future, her family and all the children at The Village.

Recently Siphokazi had an examination to finalise a course unit. She scored a huge 28/30! The amount of time and effort she has putting into her studies is paying off.

Let’s hear Siphokazi’s words…

How are you feeling
about your course going into your second year?
I feel fantastic and so empowered!  I also feel so excited and motivated starting
my second year.
The Soak off gel module was easy and short. I enjoyed it
and am ready to start with waxing.
Siphokazi during class, practising on a fellow student.

 I can’t wait to go
out and work. 

How do you ensure you
are making the most of the opportunity you have been given by The Reading Seed

By studying hard, so
that I pass all my modules and that I don’t waste The Reading Seed‘s financial
support and my time. I study every day for two hours after I have put the
little ones to bed (this is only on the days that I go to college) on the
other days when I’m at home I do laundry while studying until the children come
home from school. I voluntarily help the children with their homework and I put
them to bed. On weekends I help the kids to catch up with their school work or
studying , while I’m studying too.

Will this course
‘change’ your life? How?
Of course! This IS changing my life. I am empowered, I am
skilled and can join the work force soon as I am gaining experience by
practising on the village children and staff.  I don’t have to go back to a life of poverty
because I am now educated and skilled. The Reading Seed has given me the feet to
stand on, now all I need is to run once I’m done.  I will be independent and don’t have to ever
rely on anyone and this means I won’t be poor ever again because I will be
How are you feeling
about having a career?

It makes me feel powerful and I feel like I’m ready to go
out there and earn a living.  It makes me
feel great when I have done a manicure and pedicure and people start to tell
how beautiful I have made their hands and feet look.  It makes me feel like I have achieved a lot
and that I can still achieve so much more.

What will a career
do for you and your family?
It will improve our way of living and remove us out of the
cycle of poverty. I have seen that since I have started to study that it has
motivated my brothers to do something with their lives and both of them have
found jobs.

Can you think of
any ways this opportunity has made you become a role model for the other
children in The Village? How?
Zinhle is enjoying Siphokazi practise on her! 

I am studying what I like and enjoy. They have seen how
happy I am when I work with their feet and hands.  They are all are motivated and interested
with what I do and in that way I’m showing them that studying is fun.

Any stories from
your study or your life that you would like to share with The Reading Seed
The Reading Seed has given me an opportunity that my family
would not have been able to give me. I come from family of two brothers and a deceased mother.
She died in 2004 (of AIDS) when I was a vulnerable 12 year old.
Milly (The Village mother) gets a well deserved pedi!
Only by the grace of God I met my foster mother Milly and
she cared for me until now.  We have
bonded so much that I see her as my biological mother. I see no difference in
colour skin, eye or hair. She is just my mother and she is the best mother in
the world. J  
Thank you to The Reading Seed for joining hands with her to
further my education.
Any other comments
you wish to make?
I am very grateful to The Reading Seed for planting a seed in my life. I have been so blessed to be one of the young people to be sponsored by The Reading Seed. THANK YOU very much for giving me this opportunity to better my life. I am overjoyed and over the moon with my chosen career.
I, originally was so disappointed that I did not get a university entrance pass but The Reading Seed has shown me that I can still achieve and attain my dreams by going to College.
May GOD bless you abundantly for blessing me.    
Thank you!
Siphokazi  Mzilikazi
For homework Siphokazi gives pedicures and manicures to the staff and children at The Village. These are their comments!

One cannot help but feel inspired and motivated by Siphokazi. She has true potential to change her life and is very appreciative of how she has reached this point. Siphokazi is a great role model for many!



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