Update from The Charity Club Langkawi in Malaysia

The Charity Club Langkawi, is partnered with The Reading Seed to sponsor 6 children to attend school from poverty stricken, single parent families.
The Reading Seed is very proud to support this fantastic charity and initiative which really does target those children most in need of educational support to break their family’s poverty cycle. Together with The Charity Club Langkawi we are also striving to ensure that every dollar donated to help these children is delivered directly to them to help advance their level of education and give them every opportunity for a happy and successful future.
Thank you sponsors!
Term 2 ended on the 26th of May and the students returned for Term 3 on the 12th of June. Schools in Malaysia have varied school lengths, but on average Term 1 is 42 days and Term 2 is 48 days.
Let’s see how each individual child did…
Afdin Iman b Anuar – TRS sponsorship of school uniform
Afdin lives with his divorced mother, Azlina and 3 brothers. His younger sister lives on the mainland with her grandmother as Azlina cannot take care of her as she must work.
Afdin missed 5 days of school in Term 1 and 12 days in Term 2 and Azlina has advised she is having trouble getting Afdin to attend school as she must leave early in the morning for her job as a housekeeper.
We are obviously disappointed with the Afdin’s term 2 attendance and will be monitoring closely in term 3.
Azahar b Abu Bakhar– TRS sponsorship of Azahar is for uniforms and lunches.
Azahar is 14 years old in year 2  of Secondary School (Grade 8) and lives with his divorced mother, Zaharah, 3 sisters and 2 brothers, all at school except for the eldest brother who is working and a sister who cares for the children.
Zaharah works in the school as a gardener and she has been allowed to live in the former family home free of charge. The father contributes nothing else to the household.
Azahar had a great Term 1 with full attendance, well done!
When friends of The Reading Seed and regular visitors to Langkawi Tony and Janis Hughes, met with Azhar earlier this year he was enthusiastic about school and his great love of football (soccer).
Unfortunately Azahar’s attendance has lapsed in Term 2 with 17 days missed! When discussing with his mother she told us he had become rebellious and wanted to be with his father. Azahar had run away to find him which is why he was off school for so long. Zaharah has assured us that his attendance will be better in Term 3 and we will recoup the cost of the lunches for the 17 days absence. We hope Azahar can get back to his Term 1 great attendance!
Mhd Kaizal Naim b Mohd Ilia – sponsorship of Mhd Kaizal’s of uniforms (lunches are provided free under a government scheme)
Mhd Kaizal is 12 years old and in his first year of secondary school. This family was referred to The Charity Club Langkawi this year by the local primary school as Mhd Khaizul’s mother died recently and he lives with his father and the extended family. He has no siblings and his father is a tourist boat driver.
Mhd Kaisal had full attendance in Term 1 and only missed 3 days of school in Term 3.
Great work Mhd Kaizal.
MHD SHUKOR, ISMAIL & MHD ARIFTRS sponsorship for uniforms, lunches and fees
Mhd Arif – 14 years – Year 1 Secondary School
Mhd Shukor – 11 years – Year 1 Secondary School
Ismail – 7 years – Year 2 Primary School

These 3 children live with their divorced mother, Rasidah and a large extended family. The family has been known to The Charity Club Langkawi for many years.  Their living conditions are cramped and their home is government built on family land with limited access to transport to take the children to school.
Rasidah is in poor health and her main source of income is fishing in a tiny boat, which also provides food for the family.
The 3 boys attended school well last year but unfortunately this has dropped off badly this year. The boys have had between 26 and 45 days off school over Terms 1 and 2 which is not acceptable to The Charity Club Langkawi or The Reading Seed. The mother has been advised that there will be no further payments for lunches and we will try to recoup some of the costs for the payments already made.
This latest update is extremely sad given the family circumstances and the likelihood that these kids will have limited opportunities due to their limited level of education. The Reading Seed and The Charity Club Langkawi remain committed to supporting the educational advancement of children most in need, providing they are willing to make the most of these opportunities provided.

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