Tutoring becomes part of The Reading Seed’s Remedial Teaching Project

Some of the children from the Village are behind and really struggling in maths. They are learning long division and have not grasped the basic concept of short division, making this incredibly hard.

Some of these children have undiagnosed learning difficulties that hinder cognitive thinking, making any learning task incredibly hard.

The Reading Seed have assisted with Brightsparkz Tutors in South Africa to help some of these children at The Village in preparation for exams and general understanding in maths.

So far the children are doing well yet have got such a long way to go.

Within this project we only have 3 students taking part, yet we would love to expand this to cater for more eventually. For the moment our good friend Saygel from Brightsparkz will work with the children and help assist them ‘catch up’ and pass their exams.

If you would like to help keep this project ‘afloat’ you can becoming a regular sponsor or once off donor toward this project. Please contact us at: info@thereadingseed.org.au

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