The Children are CENTRAL at The Village of Joy

Lungile, Siphokazi and Buti all benefit from The Reading Seed donations

The Village of Joy, the registered organisation that The Reading Seed currently supports is all about the children and preparing them for the future. The Village is run by the group called Changing Lives Ministries (CLM), a small organization located in South Africa. They provide food, shelter, physical and emotional care to children who have been abandoned, severely abused, neglected and orphaned.

Nearly all of the children suffer from sort of difficulty, ranging from physical challenges to severe learning disabilities. Their Board as well as the house mother, Milly Jarvis work hard to create a safe and nurturing family like environment where these children can have their physical needs cared for, psychological needs addressed and experience healing. CLM is ALL about the children!

CLM define their success through their children reaching adulthood prepared and equipped to take on life. CLM see the importance of a safe, happy and healthy childhood alongside with a quality education that will give them the best platform to grow and succeed in the future.

These goals are in line with The Reading Seed’s objectives and it is for this reason we LOVE to support the children living in The Village of Joy. As Ghandi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world”.

If you would like any further information on Changing Lives Ministries or the Village of Joy please feel free to contact us at: or go to the link on our website that will direct you to the Changing Lives Facebook Page.

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