Inspirational teacher, Mischa Beyeler, challenges his students to raise funds for The Reading Seed


What an inspiration…

 Mischa Beyeler, originally from South
Africa is a teacher who has been teaching in Sydney. Mischa was working at Kingsgrove
North High School, where he took the effort to raise funds for The Reading Seed through a really
inspiring and ‘thinking outside the box’ concept that would really benefit his
class and relate their learning to the real world and real people.

His students (Late High School aged), facilitated a “The Apprentice”
styled activity where the class was split into two groups. The groups were then
given the challenge to see which team could raise the most money for a designated
charity – The Reading Seed.

Mischa proposed the charity to the class, whom all agreed with our objectives and thought raising money for The Reading
Seed was a worthwhile cause.

The two groups then spent time designing their marketing campaign and then took
to the public asking for donations based on their marketing strategy. The two
groups collected in excess of $700 over a couple of hours and really
demonstrated great collaboration, passion towards their goal and had a
competitive edge in their marketing strategies.

Not only did Mischa and his students raise funds for The Reading Seed, but they also achieved great educational goals and learning. This concept promotes
philanthropy in our teens, great community skills and shows that even a small effort can make a difference. There is such
potential for these kind of programs in other schools to resonate.

Thank you
to Mischa and your students at Kingsgrove. Your valued support has been an such inspiration
and  will prove very beneficial to the children we support.
If you
would like any more info on how Mischa approached this activity please contact
us at:

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