Spotlight Sponsors #1 – Geoff and Kaye Bales

Over the course of The Reading Seed’s first year we have had great support from many people. It is the commitment of these people that brings us to introduce our new section ‘Spotlight Sponsors’ to The Reading Seed news. In these articles we will be spotlighting particular sponsors whom have contributed in some way and find out why they have wanted to help. We are excited to share the stories of our sponsors with you as all are unique and have individual reasons for their contribution.

We commence this segment with our longest contributing sponsors, Geoff and Kaye Bales, who have been donating monthly since we began. Here is a little insight as to why they contribute.

Geoff and Kaye Bales
Regular sponsors of The Further Studies Project

Hi Geoff and Kaye,
Firstly thank you for your regular donation, it is greatly appreciated!

So why did you choose to become regular donors?

We have both been to Africa and believe in the cause and our contribution gives The Reading Seed a regular and reliable donation.

Why choose The Reading Seed?

We have seen the work that The Reading Seed does first hand and seen the potential for personal growth [of the kids supported] through education and opportunity.

What appealed to you with The Further Studies Project that you support?

In the long term it has the potential to self perpetuate and empower children, families and villages.

Any other information you would like to share?

The organisation has a  long term vision and potential to make a difference and it has runs on the board.

Once again thank you for your regular monthly donation and thank you for sharing your story. 

Becoming a monthly sponsor allows our organisation to plan programs in advance and maximise their effectiveness – and it is something small that is not missed too much. As we approach 2015 and New Year’s resolutions are pondered, maybe this is a good time to think about making a regular donation to ANY charitable organisation that you have a connection with. For a very small, personal sacrifice, someone could really benefit from a small, regular contribution.

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