Information about Brain Gain

Brain Gain is a program we are currently working with through our Remedial Teaching Project. The students selected for the program have been assessed as showing signs of ADD, ADHD or attention retention issues. The program is designed to help improve concentration within these students so learning can be maximised.

Many of the skills taught are foundational yet due to the poor circumstances that these children have come from they have not had the correct building blocks to work out how to approach learning , become overwhelmed and lose interest quickly. There is a main focus on reading and mathematics, which a lot of the students involved are struggling with.

Each child, ranging from 6 years old to 12 years old, partakes in thirty to forty-five lessons to build up attention spans. The lessons provide the students with strategies to help extract the important information, build up their attention span as well as maximising comprehension and understanding.

Brain Gain is beneficial and is showing improvement in the children involved. Due to the increased concentration and a gained understanding, the children are becoming more confident and positive towards their school work.

Visit the Brain Gain website for any extra information.

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