Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser proves to be a great day!

On Sunday 22nd of February, The Reading Seed hosted a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle in Melbourne Victoria. It ended up being a HUGE day with hundreds of ‘snags’ cooked, a plethora of onions chopped (with consequently many tears weep) and around 30 loaves of bread consumed. I think it is fair to say that Board member, Daniel and volunteer, Greg will not be cooking another sausage for a while!  In 36 degree weather customers consumed the delicious snags and contributed to our cause.

Thank you to all our AMAZING volunteers; Alison, Scottie, Greg, Aleksander,
Krystelle, Mandy, Lindsey and Harry who worked tirelessly all day long in the
heat to help make our event possible. With short notice everyone was more than willing to offer more of their time to support The Reading Seed.

Thanks also to the following sponsors who assisted our event with food or other donations: Daniel’s Bakery, Hogan’s Corner (Amanda and Daniel); Sanctuary Lakes Coles (Tony) and Bunnings. We raised some great funds which will go towards our projects.


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