The Reading Seed is proud to announce that we are now accepting members. We are expanding our organisation and would like to offer membership to the public. This article will act as a guide to help answer any questions about our membership program for any of you interested but unsure of the process.

How can I become a member?
You can easily become a member, simply by reading through our members policy, filling out an application form and making a small donation.

How do I get a membership policy and application form?
By contacting us via The Reading Seed website or by email at: info@thereadingseed.org.au
We will then send you the necessary info promptly.

So what do I get for my membership?
You will receive a bi-annual newsletter with updates and insights on all of our projects, a chance to have your say at our AGM, the opportunity to join any of our committees (including fundraising, membership and marketing) as well as receiving a little gift from us to say thanks! You will also have your name displayed on our members page of our website if you wish as well as KNOWING that your donated membership fee will go to the education of under-privileged children.

How long does my membership last?
It is a yearly membership and so will last one year from the time your application is approved.

When do I renew my membership?
You will receive an email with a new application form to complete a new membership each year.

What is the money used for that I donate with my membership?
The money is primarily used for our projects. A small amount of your membership will be used to cover administration costs including; transfer fees for funds transferred to the charity’s in South Africa and Malaysia and registrations.
The membership fees cover these costs so that we can use money donated from sponsors to go towards the designated project.

Can I choose which project I can allocate my membership fees to?
Yes, you will have this choice when filling out your membership application to decide where you want your money to go. You can choose between our 3 projects: Remedial Teaching Project (South Africa); Further Studies Scholarship Project (South Africa) or School Support project (Malaysia).

What if I have made a donation recently? Does that count towards my membership?
Yes it most certainly does. If you have made a donation to The Reading Seed in the last 6 months you will be now given the option to become a member. You will receive a membership form and policy when you make your donation.

When I transfer my donation and send in my application form what happens now?
Our membership committee review each application form and check your donation was deposited. They will then contact you with a letter to say you were approved or not.

How long does this process take?
From when both your donation and application form are submitted usually around 1 – 2 weeks and you will have your letter posted to you.

How can I not be approved for membership?
This is only for people that do not comply to The Reading Seed’s objectives. People that may have some kind of criminal history or similar.

Can I volunteer or join a committee but not be a member?
No, any volunteer or committee member of The Reading Seed has to become a member first. Volunteers and committee members however will have their membership fees waived as you are donated your time instead.

How do I know where to transfer the money for the membership?
There are details of the account details on our application forms with all the information you need. You can donate directly to our bank account or you can transfer fees through our website.

I become a member and then what else can I do to help?
Tell people about us and what we do! Invite others to join as members or join a committee yourself! We would love to share what we do with you all!!


We hope these details have helped answer any questions you may have had around membership!

Contact us for any more info at: info@thereadingseed.org.au

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