Volunteers Maximise Fundraiser!

Valuable volunteers Olive, Christine and Noleen ready for the day.


Last weekend, Saturday 24th of September, we were lucky enough to have some great volunteers raise funds for The Reading Seed projects at the Wauchope Farmer’s Market in NSW, Australia!

Christine ready for the collection

Raelene Monkley, a member of The Reading Seed’s fundraising committee collaborated with the local Rotary branch to have The Reading Seed selected as an organisation to receive entry fees for the local farmer’s Market parking. The Reading Seed needed volunteers to man the gates and collect any donations members of the public were willing to give. The support received from the local community was incredible and a great amount was raised.

Julie collecting for The Reading Seed

Thank you to all our volunteers Raelene, Olive, Noleen, Christine, Julie and David who gave their time to collect donations from generous people parking at the market.

You have helped raise funds for The Reading Seed’s projects!  

Raelene manning the gate for The Reading Seed


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