Village Fire

On Sunday night, The Village, whom The Reading Seed supports, was struck by a terrible incident. A bush fire threatened to burn it all down.

The Village is located just outside of Johannesburg on lovely acreage surrounded by trees and vegetation. The fire spread furiously and other neighbouring properties were sadly lost in the blaze. Amazingly the Village had minor damage to the outside areas and awnings only and luckily none of the children or Milly were hurt.

 A BIG shout out goes to all the volunteers, friends, neighbours and fire fighters who helped to stop the fire engulfing the Village. The damage is minimal compared to the devastation that could have occurred if Milly did not receive such support.

Milly has said “the children are fine and woke up this morning and started to clean up without even asking them to, they were devasted to see the burnt out mess of our lapa and side of kitchen but thankfully nothing else got burnt. GOD posted His angels inside the village to protect us. Thank you everyone.”

Thinking of all those involved and feeling very thankful everyone is ok!

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