What a fantastic idea we have had from Bobbi Coldicott, who has decided, along with her children, Jack and Emma, to give their class teachers a gift unlike the usual teacher gifts.

Teachers get loads of boxes of chocolates, flowers, movie tickets, wine, coffee mugs and stationery. These are all great gifts and it is absolutely lovely that parents want to show their gratitude to the person who has influenced and helped their child develop over the year but sometimes it is also great to think outside the box.

This Christmas, Bobbi along with her children, Jack and Emma, decided to donate to The Reading Seed in the name of their class teachers, instead of giving a physical gift. 

Teachers love to inspire and help others and would all LOVE to receive a gift like Emma and Jack gave their teachers, a gift that helped someone else in their name. A gift that resonates what teachers are giving everyday – the opportunity to learn.

Bobbi commented I have been thinking a lot this year about encouraging myself and my children to look outside the big wrapped presents and think of gifts that we can give that better recognise our relationships with the people we are gifting to. I want to honour the kids’ teachers’ amazing support of my kids this year and their commitment to education–it is clearly their passion. This year, I am opting out of the group gifts and supporting The Reading Seed in my kids’ teachers’ names. They offer an equal passion to children that don’t have the same opportunities as mine. I trust that my three teachers won’t miss the extra box of chocolates.”

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What a wonderful message this kind of gift sends to the class teacher; one of support, kindness and that working together can help offer opportunities for another less fortunate child.

There is also great role modelling being shown to Jack and Emma as they see that Christmas is about GIVING and how great it feels to help and give to others who don’t have as much. Philanthropy is happening on all different levels and can only benefit all involved.

Thank you to Bobbi, Jack and Emma! The donations made will go towards giving others a chance at having a better life through education. 

As Christmas creeps closer and closer this year donating to charity could be a rewarding gift for so many!

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