Siphokazi has done it!

She has passed and finished her course, such a great achievement for this amazing young woman.

Milly Jarvis, the founder and house mother to the children at The Village of Joy in South Africa announced yesterday that Siphokazi had passed and finished.

          Well done Siphokazi for achieving your goals. Thank you Emma Bales and The Reading Seed for helping her dreams come true. We are grateful and thankful to you..Lots of hard work behind her. Now comes the fun. …
Congratulations Siphokazi on qualifying as a Nail Technician, including mani’s and pedi ‘s & Itec Business Admin completed and passed. .we are all so very proud of all your hard work and perseverance.
Changing Lives is so thrilled that you have achieved so much whilst under our care. Matric, drivers licence, and now this qualification..Well done Siphokazi and a mighty big thank you to The Reading Seed who supports our charity to enable us to do what we all love and that is make a difference and change a life…Thank you friends and sponsors we are grateful and thankful.

The Reading Seed has supported Siphokazi since she commenced her course with us in January of 2015 and from the beginning she was so appreciative to be given the opportunity to study. She had worked diligently to do her best in both practical and theory components of her course, even writing  to The Reading Seed stating that she would pay us back if she failed. Of course this was never an agreement but more of a promise Siphokazi made to herself to stay motivated.

This great achievement is bigger than just passing a course. For Siphokazi this a gateway out of poverty. A chance for her to be able to better herself, have her own money, make her own choices and not rely on someone else to do this for her. Siphokazi’s mother died of aids when she was 11. She has grow into this amazing, confident, independent, young woman despite the hardship she has had to deal with as a child. She can now change her life and look after herself. She will make a positive contribution to her community and she will not be another statistic of South Africa’s high youth unemployment.
Siphokazi has also become a great role model for the younger children in The Village of Joy, who look up to her and know that they too can achieve their dreams if they work for it. They too know that they can grow up to be a worthwhile person. They too have hope that they can have a different situation than what they had before The Village of Joy.
The Reading Seed would like to thank long term sponsors Geoff and Kaye Bales, who helped make this opportunity possible for Siphokazi. Geoff and Kaye have been supporting the Further Studies Scholarship Project since it began and have to date raised over $1500 towards it.
The future now beckons for Siphokazi. She has many options, something great to have, and now needs to decide what she will do. When she does get work and when she receives her first pay check it will be a great feeling for Siphokazi because she earned it herself! This is something she will always know and be proud of. The effects of Siphokazi’s achievement in this course are endless.
Our financial support for Siphokazi will now end as her studies do, however our support will not. We will continue with constant communication with Siphokazi and mentoring whilst Siphokazi finds her feet in the next transition of her life.
Well done Siphokazi! We cannot wait to see what life brings you next…

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