Siphokazi’s time with The Reading Seed is shortly coming to an end as she will finish her beauty course in November when she takes her final exams of her business unit.

At this moment she is studying hard, taking mock exams and really putting the effort in to do well. She is also going to her beauty school and practicing in certain areas such as nails as she wants to be fresh and keep with the sequence that is required to carry out this skill, even though this is a voluntary task. She simply wants to be prepared.

Reflecting on Siphokazi’s time completing her further Studies and being a recipient of The Reading Seed’s Further Studies Project we have seen Siphokazi grow immensely. She has found something she does well and she h 
as really grasped an intrinsic motivation to want to do push herself and succeed. The confidence she now possesses is amazing. The journey that Siphokazi has taken over the course of these two years has been life changing for her and she will be equipped to face the world as of December!

What a fantastic achievement for Siphokazi. From all of our sponsors and supporters at The Reading Seed we are thrilled for your achievements and excited for your future. You have put in the effort and we have been so happy to be able to help you on this journey.

Many thanks needs to go Milly Jarvis, house mother and founder of Changing Lives Ministries and The Village of Joy. The support and advice Milly has given Siphokazi has been selfless and priceless. Milly has always wanted what is best for the children in her care, with the focus being on obtaining a good education, in the hope for a better life.

We will keep you posted on Siphokazi’s results after her exams but The Reading Seed feel our support for Siphokazi through her studies has already done what we intended to do, educate and give equip Siphokazi with skills and options to change her life.

We will leave you with a letter Siphokazi wrote at the start of her studies…

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