Spotlight Sponsors # 2 – Daniel and Amanda Bigney


Our ‘Spotlight Sponsors’ Segment Continues Again On The Reading Seed News…
In these articles we spotlight particular sponsors whom have contributed in some way and find out why they have wanted to help. The stories of our sponsors are inspirational and unique as all have individual reasons for their contribution.

Amanda and Daniel Bigney – great supporters of The Reading Seed

In this edition we will focus on two great supporters and sponsors of The Reading Seed, Daniel  and Amanda Bigney.  Daniel worked throughout the world in the mining industry for over ten years and has recently left to establish a café business in Townsville, Australia. Amanda, Daniel’s wife has finished her training in medicine and is now working as a GP. Daniel and Amanda have made a great contribution to our cause and we thank them greatly!

Here is a little insight as to why they have contributed to The Reading Seed.

What drives you to give to any charity?

We have been very fortunate in our lives with what we have been given.  We have wonderful families, friends and homes to live in and there is so much in our lives that we can easily take for granted that, in fact, a lot of people do not necessarily come by so easily.  There are so many great organisations that allow us to provide at least an opportunity for others to be granted a chance at having a better life.

Why did you choose to donate to The Reading Seed?

There are a number of reasons we wanted to donate to The Reading Seed.  Firstly, education is one of the fundamental elements that every child, and person should have access to, and we live in a world where the technology, the means and the will exist to grant this to everyone.  Despite this, there are still political, social and cultural barriers that prevent this from happening easily and it is organizations like The Reading Seed that allow pathways to counteract this.  At a personal level, I have actually been to The Village of Joy, which The Reading Seed benefits and had the opportunity to see the fantastic work being done there.  To be able to see something first hand, as well as meet the people involved, is comforting to know how much our donation directly benefits the projects that have been set up.

Have you travelled anywhere else in the world? And if so have you seen situations where The Reading Seed’s concepts (ie educational support) could potentially help communities?

Between ourselves, we have had the opportunity to travel to many places, including South Africa and South East Asia.  Through volunteering and work placements, we have seen community based programs which have been very effective in directing educational support directly to those who need it.  It is exciting to see broader opportunities (global) for communities to reach out and get assistance from abroad, particularly people in wealthy nations, in order to raise funds and gain assistance for those who have the capability to learn and grow but may not otherwise have access to the systems that allow for this.

Any suggestions for The Reading Seed to consider in the future?

We like how you can choose which Project your donation benefits, and be able to see updates on how the children are doing.

Why should others donate?

The Reading Seed Program has a direct link to benefit the very people that it was set up to assist. One of the most evident elements about The Reading Seed is how donations are filtered directly to programs without the administrative costs that a lot of other charities need to run.  

Thanks to some truly wonderful volunteers, a lot of hard work, and some well-founded work practices The Reading Seed really does effectively used its funds raised to provide educational support without wasting any money.

Daniel and Amanda, on behalf of the children that your donation is helping, we sincerely thank you! Your support is invaluable!

If you would like further information on how you too can donate or contribute in some way please contact us at

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