Siphokazi shows her committment as she is accepted into The Reading Seed’s Further Studies Project

Siphokzi ready to commence further studies
 to secure herself a bright future.

Meet Siphokazi, a child of the Village of Joy, since she was 8 years old, orphaned after her mother died of AIDS. Siphokazi did not have a great start in life and did not receive important foundational skills needed to begin schooling on a competent level, she therefore, has always been catching up.

She sat her metric exams (Grade 12)  and did not produce the marks she needed yet began a bridging course to qualify for a nursing degree. Unfortunately again Siphokazi did not gain high enough marks to be accepted and has since been left with no direction in her life.

Milly Jarvis, the Village of Joy’s mother, wanting to help Siphokazi have a bright future, sat her down and jointly they decided a vocational route was the only alternative. Siphokazi has since chosen a diploma in beauty therapy and The Reading Seed has accepted her into The Further Studies Project. She will continue her education in this field to enable her to take control of her future. 

Siphokazi has written a letter to The Reading Seed to convey her commitment and dedication to completing her training and trying her best with this endeavour. She is feeling quite excited to commence her course. Please click on the letter to read it.

We wish her well on this journey and give her our full support through this process. We will keep you updated with her developments.

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