School Support Project Update – Langkawi, Malaysia

Recently, our fantastic supporters, Janis and Tony Hughes had the privilege of visiting one of the six children that The Reading Seed support through The Charity Club in Langkawi, Malaysia – Kaizal!

Here is their story…

On behalf of The Reading Seed, Janis and myself, accompanied by Sheila Allum and Lyn Jarvis from The Charity Club visited Mhd Kaizal b Mhd Ilias and his family. Lyn very kindly offered to come and translate for us before delivering food parcels with Sheila. 

Kaizal is in his last year at Primary School and his attendance is very good. He is currently preparing for his UPSR exam in November prior to moving to Secondary School next year. This involves extra tuition that he takes for two hours, three times a week when the school day finishes.

Since Kaizal’s mother passed away, he lives with his father, grandmother, 2 brothers and his aunt, an amazing lady who looks after the youngest children in this family and their cousins throughout the day. They all live together in a very modest 2 roomed house.

The family home

Kaizal told us that his favourite subject at school is Science but he also likes sport, particularly badminton and football. His favourite football team is Real Madrid and also Kedah FC. He also enjoys reading comics. 

At the moment, he lives fairly close to his primary school so he is able to cycle to school each day. This will not be possible if he successfully graduates to High School, as the nearest school is much further away.

When Kaizal leaves High School he wants to be a fireman.

We were very privileged to be welcomed into the family home and the whole family expressed their gratitude for the support of Kaizal’s education by The Reading Seed. The sponsorship of a school uniform can make a huge difference to a family that are living on a small income.

Tony and Janis Hughes
On behalf of The Reading Seed

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