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Dancers donate to The Reading Seed

Here at The Reading Seed we are always so grateful when we receive any type of donation but we are truly amazed when these donations have come about in a way to teach others philanthropic ways and demonstrate how small actions can create change.

This is just what we saw from Stacey Morgan, principal and dance teacher at Port Macquarie Performing Arts (PMPA), a performing arts school on the Mid-North Coast of NSW in Australia.

Each year some of the PMPA students win major awards and these students usually receive a perpetual trophy with their name on it and a take-home trophy to keep. 2016 was a little different. The students were still winners and recognised for their achievements but in lieu of the take-home trophies, Stacey decided she would use the money normally spent on these trophies to go to charity and The Reading Seed was lucky enough to be her chosen charity!

Stacey has not only been a great role model for her
students by encouraging them to give but also showing them that their hard work and dedication throughout the year isn’t merely represented in a trophy but through their skill and progress, it is seen when they perform, it is their attitude, their inner motivation to succeed and it is seen when they achieve goals they thought were unattainable. Having a sense of internal fulfilment and satisfaction that you simply feel because you know you achieved your goals is what should drive us to succeed and has been taught here.

Giving these award winners the opportunity to be a part of this donation has also put some responsibility and ownership on them, demonstrating that missing out on something, which may feel tough but not life changing so someone else can benefit, can have a huge impact on that person’s life.

When you give you don’t expect anything in return (that’s how it is meant to work…) but you do receive an inner fulfilment and happiness. It feels good to give and giving has a ripple effect. Stacey’s students have been taught many life long values from her example that will stay with them and their families.

With education being the focus of The Reading Seed and one of our goals being to create a sense of philanthropy amongst those who give, Stacey’s example just reflects what The Reading Seed is all about.

On behalf of the directors, the members and especially the children
we support, who will benefit, The Reading Seed would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Stacey,
the teachers and all the students at Port Macquarie Performing Arts for the amazing donation we have received. We congratulate all the major award winners and are really proud of you for having the motivation to achieve and the selflessness to give up something for someone else.

Major award winners from Port Macquarie Performing Arts

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