Milly Jarvis, the director of Changing Lives and The Village of Joy, the charity The Reading Seed supports in South Africa shared a little story from her day over the weekend and we could not help sharing it with you all, as it resonates with what we are aiming for and ultimately why we love supporting this charity.

The values that Milly is teaching the children in her care is more than the education they will receive in their schools. It is life long and it is helping them grow into caring adults who will contribute positively to their communities and stand up for good in the world. Values are ever so important in our changing world and needed to change one’s life. Thank you to Milly for being a great role model for these children and willingly helping others.

Here is Milly’s story…

“Huge traffic jam in Douglas road on both sides until we finally got there and saw a distraught stranded driver whose car wouldn’t start… No one stopping to help but so surprised to see the oncoming traffic so kindly allowing the backed up opposite traffic to pass…we too could have driven past as so many other cars did…. but we decided we weren’t going to let an opportunity to help pass us by and some of our little village boys (11and 12years old) our social worker & gardener jumped out of our bus and started to push this anxious lady’s car for about 300m until she could steer her car safely out of the road, thereby allowing the traffic jam to once again flow…so proud of them for being so thoughtful and caring. Come on Joburgers we might all lead a busy hectic life but is it too hectic to be concerned about another person especially when they are stranded…”

What a perfect opportunity for these boys and men to work together to achieve a goal that will help many others, not to receive accolaids or a reward but because it is the RIGHT thing to do and because helping others makes you feel GOOD!

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