Edublox a Success in Our Remedial Teaching Project

As part of our remedial teaching project, some of the children at the Village of Joy, the children’s home we support in South Africa (operated by Changing Lives Ministries), enrolled in
a course called Edublox ( Edublox is a global educational company designed for
students who have learning difficulties and are struggling at school. The
course has been greatly beneficial for the students who are using it and comes with
an intensive block of one on one lessons or small group work and then a daily
lesson completed on the computer called Compublox.
The children
come into the village missing important foundational skills and suffer for the
rest of their school years. Edublox helps students learn cognitive skills
essential for a basis for learning. Lungile, a child at the Village, arrived with little foundational skills effecting her overall learning capacity and confidence.
The director of Changing Lives Ministries and house mother
to all the children at the Village, Milly Jarvis, has commented on the program progress for Lungile, who was struggling immensely, “The Edublox course really
boosted Lungile’s cognitive levels and she was accepted at the same high school
that our older girls attend. She has blossomed after this course and has
settled down in grade 8 and is more positive, smiles more readily and now seems
to be enjoying school.”
Milly also states “CLM (Changing Lives Ministries) has recognised the
importance and value of a good foundation which helps develop the children’s
cognitive skills in their formative years so that they have the ability to
achieve at school. And once again we thank The Reading Seed for recognising
this and assisting the children.
To CLM it is fundamental that all children placed in our care
receive excellent education and care and from this end we are extremely
grateful to you for assisting us to ‘change’ and mend lives in our broken yet beautiful
country, South Africa. We value all the members of The Reading Seed very much
and thank you for investing in our children’s lives.”
And what a lovely smile to share with us all Lungile!

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