Daniel is our first board member to be nominated for a dare, through The Reading Seed’s BRAVE THE DARE fundraising campaign, which is raising funds for educational projects that The Reading Seed supports.

These educational projects advance learning in students/children living in poverty or in an orphanage or children’s home. We have a Remedial Teaching Project focused on the low levels of maths and through this project The Reading Seed has been able to provide a much needed tutor for the struggling students. The second project is our Further Studies Scholarship, aiming to give students the opportunity to continue education after school has finished. The third project, School Support Project offers students the chance to go to school, a basic right that we take for granted yet others may not have the opportunity to have, due to their poor circumstances.

The Reading Seed’s long term goal is to break the cycle of poverty through education and create sustainable futures for all involved.

Using our board members in this fun fundraiser, we are raising as much money as we can to assist in our projects as well as raise awareness of The Reading Seed and what we do.

Now down to business, Daniel is our first board member to be nominated to complete a dare and he received a few great nominations…

Nominations included shaving his head and eyebrows, waxing from the neck down, one full day spent shopping with his mother in law and lastly, the dare that was voted for…DANIEL WILL WEAR PAJAMA PANTS TO WORK.

Daniel works in an office in the city of Lima with semi-formal dress code. His daily routine includes giving presentations and running meetings with his team, management and external companies…

So what happens when he has to be taken seriously in a lovely pair of pajama pants? Can’t wait to find out…

In order for this funny dare to go ahead, Daniel needs $500 aussie dollars.

If you would like to give while being entertained by Daniel you can donate by clicking on the DONATE NOW BUTTON on our home page.

Once the target has been met, Daniel has to complete the dare and we will capture everything for you all to see on film and post it here to our website and also our facebook page.


If you would like more information about us or the work we do please feel free to contact us: info@thereadingseed.org.au

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