Brain Gain incorporated into our remedial teaching project

“A mighty big thank you to The Reading Seed, Australia for making it possible for the village children to receive remedial intervention. We really appreciate your support in changing our children’s lives.”
Words from Milly Jarvis, Director of Changing Lives, the children’s home whom we support.

The latest update in The Reading Seed’s remedial teaching project has seen the use of Brain Gain, a program that focuses on increasing concentration and focusing in order to improve learning. The children have to wear a sensor on their forehead.  They then watch a program on the laptop and the sensor picks up when the child stops concentrating.

There are also eye exercises and reading sessions which work on increasing the speed, pronunciation and spelling of words.

 Here are a few photos of Vero 8yrs, Kwazi 6yrs and Nqobile also 6yrs in action.

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